Our Vision

To be a global leader, improving human health by harnessing the power of the immune system

Our Mission

To inspire and develop transformative therapies that prevent disease and promote healing.

Celloram Inc. is a preclinical stage company founded in 2018. Our team of experienced leaders and scientists share a passion for improving the health and well-being of patients and families affected by cancer and chronic disease. Celloram has a deep sense of social responsibility. We are dedicated to the community in which we reside and work, and where we honor our commitment to promote diversity by inspiring, educating and developing the next generation of scientists and leaders.

Celloram now leverages its key discoveries to develop unique forms of cell therapy and small molecule therapeutics that harness our body’s own unique potential to heal and battle chronic illnesses including cancer, autoimmune disease, chronic inflammatory and metabolic disorders. Our mission and vision stem from our strong belief in the potential of new, less toxic therapies with the power to ignite our body’s self-healing process.


With an ideal location at University Circle, Cleveland, OH, Celloram has benefited greatly from partnerships with health care leaders at two of the nation’s leading academic medical centers, including Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center. Supported by a highly motivated and dedicated group of partners and investors, Celloram has developed a pipeline of four unique therapeutics: Sopprimerex, Protexi, NOVS-100, and CLM-022. These cutting-edge therapies are in distinct phases of preclinical development and are rapidly advancing through essential steps that will position each core asset for entry into clinical trials and evaluation by the FDA. Our team at Celloram is committed to sharing our discoveries and advancing them for the benefit of human health.

The Celloram Team

Celloram has assembled an exceptionally talented and highly diverse team of dedicated professionals who bring years of experience in academics, health care, and the biopharmaceutical industry. Strengthened by the dynamic and creative atmosphere within Celloram, our team is boldly focused on our mission to inspire transformative therapies. Celloram fosters an environment of innovation and embraces its vision to bring hope to patients by creating therapies that prevent disease and promote healing.

John Letterio, MD

Co-founder and Board Director

Seong-Jin Kim, PhD

Co-founder and Board Director

Tej Pareek, PhD, MBA, MPH

President, CEO, Board Director

Seunghwan Lim, PhD

VP and Director Scientific Operations, Cell Therapy Program

Liraz Levi, PhD

VP and Director Scientific Operations, Small Molecule Program

Elizabeth Meyers, PhD

Research Scientist
Jin-Kyu Choi

Jin-Kyu Choi, PhD

Research Scientist

Mary Rose Winiecki

Director, Accounting and HR

Sarah (Saerom) Kim

Business Development Advisor

Yusuke Nakamura, MD, PhD

Scientific Advisor, Cell Therapy Program

William Greenlee, PhD

Scientific Advisor, Small Molecule Program

Our Partners

Case Western Reserve University
University Hospitals
Theragen Etex Co. Ltd.
U.S. Department of Defense
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
National Institutes of Health
MedPacto Inc.
WuXi Apptec